About US


Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Our Story:

Zinni Jewelry Company is a family operated business located in the great northwest of Portland, Oregon. After 35 years of creating malas & jewelry we are expanding our practice to create a legacy for our third generation, Zinni! Who at 6 months old is already partial to her mothers amethyst nursing necklace! We are dedicated to using the best of the Earth’s natural resources available to create pieces that bring joy, beauty, growth & healing while supporting your life style and meditative practices. Our jewelry is created from a variety of Earth’s natural gifts. Gemstones as well as organic gifts from the oceans and woods. Our work is strung on fibers or metals that are appropriate to the piece, engineered for a graceful drape, longevity, and often hand-knotted. At Zinni Jewelry we value and search for gemstones that are natural and un-treated, we do not use any that have been radiated. In all of our jewelry and malas we promote facilitating the flow of the natural healing vibrations of Earth’s gifts to you.

The Artists:


Jessica Butler is the fire behind this endeavor. Born in Michigan and educated at the University of Oregon and Portland State University, Jessica has been active as a jewelry entrepreneur and an Executive Chef. Over the past two decades she has worked in three different retail bead stores. She is certified as a Yoga instructor and practices meditation. Jessica has integrated her love of fashion and Nature into her jewelry work. Working with beads for 25 years, since she was a little girl, has instilled a love for designing and creating jewelry. Every year as a child she accompanied her mother to the annual PowWow where they would explore the traditional Native American beadwork and watch the dancers perform in their full beaded regalia. When she was growing up her mother managed a bead store for many years and taught Jessica how to work with seed beads, loom work, basic stringing techniques and experimenting with wire wrapping. Laying a solid foundation for the future based on her love of making beautiful body adornments. Jessica believes there is great wisdom in using Nature to bring harmony within. She recognizes the healing vibrations of natural gemstones and how combinations of gemstones can bring their natural healing abilities to the wearer. It is her goal to bring positive change to the fashion industry by offering people a wearable reflection of their highest truth through her hand-crafted jewelry. While building a legacy for her daughter Zinni.


Laura Modena is an artist, educator, a yoga practitioner and has devoted herself for more than 35 years to the art of beadwork, specializing in Malas and prayer beads. Also a Michigan native she received her education from EMU with a B.F.A. & a B.A.E. in art education. While living in the midwest as a young child she was introduced to the art of bead work by a Native American woman. This woman imparted a love of beads and the magic they created in the colors, designs, and construction of the beadwork for her. Years later Laura was fortunate to be mentored by a very gifted woman that owned and operated a bead gallery. She introduced her to the multifaceted world of gemstones and the many techniques as well as skills required to design and create keepsake jewelry. After moving to Portland in 1996 she taught art for 15 years to disenfranchised youth. Using art and beadwork as the vehicle to connect youth to the source of their individual creativity to inspire them in all other walks of their lives. She is currently continuing her life’s journey painting, sculpting, designing & making Malas and being a most devoted “Ama” to both of her grandchildren. Laura’s goal is to be a vehicle for higher creative energy to pass through her and into all that she does to benefit the lives and well beings of others.

  Zinni the inspiration, heart and future of Zinni Jewelry Co.  After 45 years of collectively designing malas and jewelry we create this legacy for our beloved Zinni.